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Cosmic Alignment -- Concert with Sound, Color, and Images -- Journey Through the Chakras


In this experience 3 types of sounds are used to create a balanced and integrated experience. 
First the non-linear harmonic sounds from a special recording of over 70 Tibetan Singing bowls are used to Unblock and free up the energy system. This movement is than complemented and integration is begun by using the Pure linear sounds of Tuning Forks in pure 5ths. (See
This Page for more information about this interval and it's effects) 

The experience is completed by each individual expressing their own sound for each area visited. This concert is given worldwide at congresses, symposiums,  or often as a precursor to a Tuning Fork course. 

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concierto curativo con color y imagenesHEALING CONCERT with SOUND, COLOR, and IMAGES

This concert combines color, images, and sound to create a full spectrum experience. The images palette changes in direct response to key information (midi) from Ardens keyboard as she plays.

The images are selected to enhance the effect of the sound and music.

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Journey Through the Chakras

Given twice a year at the Biocultura Exhibition in Spain, Arden Wilken, Michelle Averard, and Nestor Kornblum invite the audience to travel with them on a journy through the 7 major chakras (energy centers). Arden, Michelle and Nestor, along with Jack Wilken, are the co-founders of IAST (The International Association of Sound Therapy) and have worked and Collaborated together for the past 7 years. Three years ago a CD of this unique experience was published, click here to visit the CD page for Journey through the Chakras.

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