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INNER SOUND Therapeutic Music
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Sound Touch CD Cover

SOUND TOUCH, the essence of INNER SOUND, a recording of the basic 21 INNER SOUND motifs and 12 Life Themes.  

Aromatherapy ] Brain Tape ] Cosmic Alignment ] Deep Touch ] For Depression ] Dreamtime ] For Fatigue ] Floating in the Sea ] Healing Music for Animals Vol I ] Healing Music for Animals Vol II ] Healing Music for Animals Vol III ] Inner Focus ] Inner Harmony ] Inner Sun ] Intuition ] Journey Through the Chakras ] Just Celtic ] Just Piano ] Just Yoga ] Magical Garden ] Music for Children ] Music for Healing ] Nature Serenade ] New Heart ] For Pain ] Radiant Body ] Reiki ] Repose ] For Stress ] Voyage to Freedom ] 
[ Healing Journey Through Sound: Healing Music for Healing Touch Level 1 ] [ Calm My Pet ]

Aromatherapy- Music for activating the senses
The Brain Tape- Music for the Mind
The Brain Tape
Cosmic Alignment- Cleansing and aligning to the cosmos
Cosmic Alignment
Deep Touch- Music for Contact and Massage
Deep Touch

Dreamtime- Music for Sleep and Dreams


Floating in the Sea- Drift outside of Space and Time with the sound of the sea
Floating in the Sea

Healing Music for Animals 1

Healing Music for Animals 2
INNER Focus- An Inward Journey
Inner Focus
INNER Harmony- Music to align the Chakras and work the 5 senses
Inner Harmony
INNER Sun- Music for communication and self esteem
Inner Sun
Intution- Music for the Female aspect
Journey Through the Chakras- A Magical Voyage Through the Energy Centers
Journey Through

Just Celtic

Just Piano

Just Yoga
Magical Garden- A Journey through Nature- connecting with mother energy
Magical Garden
Music for Children- Ages 4-11 or anyone young at heart- Creativity
Music for Children
Music For Healing- Support for the bodies natural healing mechanisms
Music for Healing
Nature Serenade- An inward journey for the Male aspect
Nature Serenade
New Heart- Music for the Heart Chakras
New Heart
Radiant Body- Music for Physical Vitality
Radiant Body
Reiki- Music to accompany energy treatments
Repose- Music for relaxation- Music to accompany Reflexology, Shiatsu, etc...
Voyage to Freedom- For nurturing the Spirit
Voyage to Freedom 
Music for Depression

On CD: Intuition

Music for Fatigue

On CD: Voyage to Freedom

Music for Pain

On CD: Deep Touch

Music for Stress

On CD: Voyage to Freedom

Healing Music 
for Animals 3

HEALING JOURNEY THROUGH SOUND: Healing Music for Healing Touch Level 1 

This highly acclaimed collection of therapeutic music CDs has been used worldwide by tens of thousands of people to harmonize and vitalize their lives. Each album is dedicated to a different theme: relaxation; restful sleep; mental clarity; intuition and creativity; fluid communication; stress reduction; self-confidence and physical vitality; etc. 

These albums can be used for focused listening or as background music to accompany any activity including bodywork, other forms of therapy and massage, as well as sports training or learning situations, etc. Although immediate changes may be noted, lasting shifts come over several weeks or even months of listening.

If you want to work with this music in a deep process we recommend you contact a practitioner for guidance. To find a local practitioner click here



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