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Mayan OM Flute


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Mayan Om Flute

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(Photo shows small flute- 22". Large is 28" with 5 holes.)

These beautiful instruments provide a unique and powerful method of applying the INNER SOUND motifs

The Om flutes are made out of wood (Exact type varies between each individual flute) by a master craftsman of Tarascan Indian heritage. Double barreled; one side is said to sing to the earth, emitting a continuous tone of an octave of the Om frequency; the other side is said to call to the soul, it's 5 or 6 holes are used to play the simple yet moving melodies of the motifs. This results in a mystical sound that leaves no listener untouched.  

The Om flutes are styled on ancient Mayan temple flutes that master instrument maker Guillermo Martinez says were played in the pyramids to connect to a higher self.  The elegant simplicity of these instruments are perfectly suited to deliver these pure elements of sound therapy.  

Inlayed with turquoise, each flute comes with a certificate of authenticity and soft carrying case.

Price: Small flute $425 / Large flute $687.50 (Both + shipping & handling.)

Click on photos for close-up views. 
Note: As each instrument is made by hand appearance may differ from photos although musically they are the same.


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omflutestone.jpg (44904 bytes)
omflutebottom.jpg (549502 bytes) P1010035.JPG (2165194 bytes) omflutetop.jpg (428814 bytes)

The Mayan OM Flutes are used in the Cosmic Alignment Experience and is an ideal instrument to use while learning Sound touch.


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