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Music for Mental Aspects
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The Brain Tape - Music for Mental Activity Cosmic Alignment- Cleansing and aligning to the cosmos Repose- Music for relaxation- Music to accompany Reflexology, Shiatsu, etc... Voyage to Freedom - Music for connecting and nurturing.

The Brain Tape  -  Cosmic Alignment  -  Repose  -  Voyage to Freedom


If you want to work with this music in a deep process we recommend you contact a practitioner for guidance. To find a local practitioner click here

This highly acclaimed collection of sound and musical tools has been used worldwide by tens of thousands of people to harmonize and vitalize their lives. Each album is dedicated to a different theme: relaxation; restful sleep; mental clarity; intuition and creativity; fluid communication; stress reduction; self-confidence and physical vitality; etc. 
INNER SOUND is based on the theory that the human energy system reflects our state of mental, physical and emotional well being. In 1978 Arden first began playing personal music for individuals to direct sounds and music to blockages in the field to activate the human organismís natural tendency to re-balance itself. From the analysis of the information derived from over 10,000 of these personal compositions she created the INNER SOUND collection , which has been recorded by Jack Wilken using SPECTRUM SOUND RESONANCE SYSTEM (SSRS), a range of psycho-acoustic effects he developed that create a wide range of physiological and mental changes in the individual. 
The instrumentation and sounds used in each album were chosen or synthesized to activate the appropriate area. Headphones are recommended, but speakers with accurate stereo imaging can also be used.
The following phenomena might be experienced while listening to these albums: tingling and/or warmth; visualization of colors or images; emotional reactions (crying, laughing, etc.); sudden awareness of tension spots or areas of soreness; headache; the sensations of falling, dizziness, floating or expansion; memories; stream of consciousness; heightened awareness of the body and surrounding environment; sharper visual perception; feeling of relaxation and/or inner peace; falling asleep; and/or the sensation of the sound circling in the head. Uncomfortable sensations can be dealt with easily by listening for shorter, less frequent periods until they disappear. These can be indications of unconscious defenses against change and actually signal that the music is touching the blockages.
These albums can be used for focused listening or as background music to accompany any activity including bodywork, other forms of therapy and massage, therapeutic strobes (frequencies available on request) as well as sports training or learning situations, etc. Although immediate changes may be noted, lasting shifts come over several weeks or even months of listening.

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