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The OM Tuner set consists of 3 Tuning Forks; the Om frequency of 136.1,
a fork that is a 5th above this, and one a 5th below.
They are forks #4, #5 and #6 from the OM Set of 14.

The OM tuners resonate the chest and solar plexus, 4th and 5th Chakras,
promoting centering, deeper contact and grounding in the above areas.
The tuners come with a cloth pouch, hammer, and rubber stopper for activation. 

Click here for the Personal Tuners / OM Tuners  mini-instruction manual.

For more detailed information about how to use, consider attending a Tuning Fork training.

Price: US$ 175.50
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The OM Tuners are also used with animals. It is introduced in the Level 4 training of Healing Touch for Animals (HTA),
a holistic approach influencing the health and well-being of animals through energy and intention.

If you would like to experience INNER SOUND Tuning Forks, 
please contact a
Certified Practitioner for a session or attend one of our Cosmic Alignment Experiences.


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