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Personal Music

Your Personal Music CD is compiled using more than 35 musical motifs  identified and developed by Arden Wilken with a wide range of sounds,  instruments and tunings. The compilation is focused on the theme(s) of your choice such as stress reduction, physical health and vitality, pregnancy, energy and chakra balancing or expansion of consciousness........
Your Personal Music will be a unique and moving experience for you.

(All personal information is kept strictly confidential.)

Over 10,000 Personal Music compositions have been created since 1978.

Download Personal Music Questionnaire with order instructions

How can I get a Personal Music?

1. Visit our Certified Practitioner Page (Look for Practitioners certified in "Personal Music Compilations")
and locate a practitioner near you in the US, UK, Spain or the Netherlands whom you can contact for a consultation. 

2. Or, contact Arden (Choose USA office on our Contact Page) and your music can be done either by a phone interview or by sending a short questionnaire and recent photograph.
Click here to purchase.

3. Or, visit our Course Schedule and see if there is an upcoming event you can attend - Personal Music can usually be scheduled during events, but please contact us beforehand to make sure.  

What is the cost for a Personal Music?
The cost from Arden Wilken for a Personal Music is $145 including shipping within the US via US Postal Service. Other Personal Music Practitioner prices vary depending on the country. 

What does it sound like?
Your Personal Music will seem more like a sound journey rather than the music you are used to listening to as it is made up of many short tracks that blend into one another. Woodwinds, piano, strings, brass, Tibetan bowls are among the sounds that might make up your music along with special effects to enhance the movement created by the music. The change from one sound to another while playing more melodic or simple musical intervals is part of what creates the movement for you in the direction you want to change.

Can I have a Personal Music made for someone else?
You can request a personal compilation CD for anyone regardless of age or state of health. Fill out the Personal Music Questionnaire to the best of your ability. Name, birth date, place of birth, what you would like their music to help them with and a photo are the most important pieces of information. 

What themes can I have music made for? 

There are many, many, many options and you can ask for several themes in one music. Any aspect of personal development or growth, etc... and more. A (very) small sampling of commonly requested themes: 

Stress reduction/Physical health and vitality/Pregnancy/
Energy and chakra balancing/Expansion of consciousness 
and the list goes on.....

When will I receive it?

It will take about 10 days - 3 weeks to receive your Personal Music CD within the US via US postal service. International orders: 3-4 weeks

How long will my compilation be?

Your CD will be between 15-42 minutes in length, depending on the themes requested and other variables. It will be made up of between 20 to approximately 35 tracks. 

How do I use my personal compilation? 

You will receive detailed personalized instructions with your CD, the guidelines for each case will be different, but some examples of listening instructions are.... listen once a day using headphones for 6 months, a good time would be in bed before sleep.... or .... listen 4 times a week for 1 month as background music while working...

To gain the most benefit from your Personal Music either listen to the CD itself or download it to your phone or media device with Exact Audio Copy* as a .wav file. This program is free to download.
This program gives the most error free conversion to a  .wav file we have found. If your music is 40 minutes long, it will occupy approximately 400 mb of space. 

Good quality noise-cancelling headphones:
We also recommend either noise isolating earphones or headphones that cover the entire ear with a frequency range of 20 - 30,000 Hz. 

Basic Earbud headphones that are supplied with most listening devices (insert in your ears):
These headpones increase distortion, have a limited frequency range,  and permit audible ambient noise. Prolonged use may lead to stress-related tension & potential long-term hearing loss

"Invest" in your hearing when selecting headphones.

.mp3 vs .wav - what's the difference?

.mp3 and .wav are both digital audio file formats. .mp3 has gained popularity through file-sharing and downloading music tracks over the internet but .wav files are the industry standard for CD-quality recordings.

An .mp3 audio track downloads faster than a .wav version of the same track because the file size is smaller - approximately one-tenth of the size. The difference is achieved through compressing or reducing the range of frequencies contained within the original recording.

.mp3 format has revolutionized our music listening and buying habits and offers a cheaper alternative to buying CDs, but the hidden 'cost' lies in a loss of quality of your listening experience which is not so easily determined.


Why this matters....

Our bodies are capable of responding to a 'symphony' of different frequencies (our audible hearing range extends from 20 to 20,000 hertz cycles per second). Music provides a rich, broad spectrum of sound frequencies that our bodies respond to naturally during our 'real-time' listening experiences.

Everything in our physical world vibrates, whether it's a table, wine glass or part of the human body. Any object or 'system' responds most easily to its 'natural' or resonant frequency, producing the biggest spontaneous response with the smallest input of energy.

As we listen to any kind of music, sound waves pass through our bodies producing subtle movement in different areas, helping us release stress & tension at a physical level, creating a 'therapeutic' benefit to our listening experience. The wider the range of frequencies in the recording, the greater the potential benefit.


How long can I use my personal CD?
It depends on many factors. Many people continue to listen to their music long after they have realized the change they were looking for. Others stop as soon as they have and then may start listening again months or years later. It is an individual choice, while following the accompanying instructions.

How long before I notice any change from listening to the music?
This varies with each individual. Some people notice an immediate shift the first time they listen to their music. Other don't notice anything for weeks or months,  and then realize they have changed in the desired area. It can take time for the body to create integrated changes from the movement created by the music.

Where the Personal Music started ....

"When I was six years old, I went to a Tchaikovsky Ballet, the Nutcracker Suite, with my mother and sister. As I watched the dancers and listened to the music I saw beautiful colors swirling around the audience and the dancers on stage. When I commented to my family, they told me they couldn't see what I saw, although it seemed a perfectly natural phenomenon to me as a child.

Later, when I was older, I realized that the colors I had seen that evening represented the interaction between the music and the subtle radiant energy of the people as they danced or listened.

Twenty-two years later, after completing a degree in Music Theory, I started to use my ability to "see" the effect of sound to create personal music compositions for people. After more than 2,000 of these compositions, I began to realize that there were repeating patterns in the music when a person had a specific area of their emotional expression blocked. Since then, I have been able to identify some fifty motifs or short musical phrases, each of which is used in specific situations." 
Arden Wilken - Co-Creator of INNER SOUND


These 'Motifs' that Arden speaks about are the basis for all the INNER SOUND techniques. In musical terms, a motif is a short musical phrase made up of several notes that create a distinctive rhythmic pattern.
INNER SOUND motifs have a simple musical structure. They are based either on the pentatonic (five-note) scale, which has occurred spontaneously in most cultures, or on the Western diatonic seven-note scale. The common element in both these scales is the interval of the  fifth. This interval is the interval most commonly found in healing music both modern and ancient and occurs frequently in nature.

Our Sonic Pathways

Sound energy, in the form of mechanical waves, is transformed, as it enters through the ear, into electrical impulses, which travel through the network of connective tissue to all parts of the body. The systems of the body, whose resonant quality matches the motifs used, respond through sympathetic resonance.

Each motif creates a specific movement on a physical, mental, emotional , or energetic level helping the individual resolve blockages stored in the connective tissue. These blockages affect the organisms capacity to vibrate at itís optimum potential.   

 INNER SOUND is a sound therapy system based on relative movement

The motifs can create either expansion or contraction for the human organism, whichever is necessary
The movement created by each musical motif can frequently be applied to different parts of the organism whether mental, emotional, physical or energetic. The use of the motifs does not propose an external structure of how the human organism should be or act or decree in what direction one should develop, it simply helps liberate trapped or blocked energy. The liberated energy, combined with the movement generated by the motifs, creates an impetus to help overcome the holding energy that prevents an individual from making the changes they want. For this reason, personal compositions are always structured based on the theme(s) requested by the client.

The Personal Music in Evolution

8 years ago, after twenty-five years of composing personal music using a midi controller keyboard and sampler, Arden evolved the personal music into a new, more effective form. By pre-recording the individual motifs using a large array of instruments, tempos, and arrangements, and then putting them together using a specialized computer, the options for focusing the effect of the music multiplied tenfold. This new type of personal music has been enthusiastically embraced, by those familiar with its original form as well as newcomers to Arden's work. Another benefit of this process for creating personal compositions is the ability of others to learn how to create these unique compositions. 
(See our Advanced Classes Page)


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