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The School for INNER SOUND offers professional training and experience-based workshops for everyone.

No experience is necessary to attend our basic level trainings or workshops.

Our practitioner trainings help you create a step by step process for working with others - starting with the creation of your working space and skills, the development of client/practitioner relationships, a concise theory of emotions and their release and integration through sound and music, a set of diagnostic tools to determine what sound or music to use to create ongoing treatment programs which offer your clients a process by which they can integrate sound and music into their lives. (Some of our practitioner trainings are available as correspondence courses).

We offer certification to practitioners who complete case study requirements. Our certificates are recognized by both national and international organizations. Through our practitioner courses it is possible to become a trainer or teacher in sound healing/therapy with the voice and sound healing/therapy with tuning forks.

Our current training program includes:
Tuning Fork Basic & Advanced Practitioner Training
Autophonetics- Voice Workshop in US (Level 1 & 2 in Europe)
Sound Touch Self-Study CD and Manual
Introductory Course in Sound Therapy
INNER SOUND Sound Therapy Practitioner Certificate: Therapeutic Music - Attendance Course
INNER SOUND Sound Therapy Practitioner Certificate: Therapeutic Music - Distance Learning
INNER SOUND Sound Therapy Practitioner Certificate: Tuning forks
INNER SOUND Sound Therapy Practitioner Certificate: Autophonetics
INNER SOUND Sound Therapy Practitioner Certificate: Sound Touch


School for INNER SOUND is a dba of Inner Sound International, 2542 Westlake Ave N#9, Seattle, WA 98109, USA. 
School for INNER SOUND does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin and complies 
with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) wherever possible without undue burden to the School or its instructors.


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