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 Sound Therapy/Body & Energy Work Sessions

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Sound Therapy Practitioner Training:
Therapeutic Music 

These courses provide you with all the necessary tools and background to use this complete range of therapeutic music to help clients work on any desired aspect of their lives. The Therapeutic Music Practitioner classes are given in several formats, presence and correspondence. Select one of the links below to read about the specifics of each format. 

Correspondance Presence

No matter which format you choose, you will receive training and background information in:

Introduction to Music and Sound Therapy
Introduction to INNER SOUND
The History of Music and Sound Therapy/Healing
From the beginning of recorded history to the present
History of INNER SOUND  

How Sound Heals  
Physics of sound  
Effect of sound on the biological functions of the body  
Effect of sound on the physiology of the body  
Effect of sound on the nervous system (Psychoacoustic)  
Theory and function of emotions  
Effect of sound on the emotions  
Field theory  
Acoustic and electronically produced sounds  
Where different instruments resonate

Elements of INNER SOUND  
21 musical motifs and exercises  
12 Life Themes and exercises  

Tools for Self-Discovery titles and exercises

Listening Programs  
What is an INNER SOUND Listening Program  
List of Themes and Symptoms for the Body, Mind, Emotions and Energetic  
List of Exercises for the INNER SOUND CDS  
Motifs and Life Themes

How to determine which music to use  
From Interview and observations
From Iris Interpretation
From Personal use 

How to Create a Listening Program  
Interview Sheet  
Listening Program Worksheet  

Listening Program Instruction Sheet  
For Personal Transformation  
As a complement to other techniques and therapies

Listening Goals  
Alleviate Symptoms  
Creation of an on going process with music by the client

Client/Practitioner Relationship  
How to describe the therapy process and Listening goals to the client  
How to conduct an interview and session  
How to apply the music (Use of headphones and CD player.)  
Code of ethics and professional attitude

 Equipment and Environment  
Sound Equipment  

Office Space


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